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Believe it or not, squirrels can enter your home easier than you think. Sometimes appearances aren’t everything. We’ve all have watched squirrels playing and eating in our yards, looking cute and innocent. They can be very troublesome and cause a lot of damage when they enter your home. Your home or business in Westford can be more vulnerable than you think. Once you hear noise or discover evidence, procrastination can lead to an infestation. Call the professionals at Northeast Wildlife Management. We will provide a fast and friendly removal process.

Top vulnerable places where squirrels tend to gain access

There are a few vulnerable places squirrels tend to get into your property. Squirrels are professionals at finding the most vulnerable places in and around your home. Sometimes simple maintenance can prevent this from happening. Here are a few places to look out for.

• Attic ventilation (Gable and roof vents)
• Soffit vents
• Facia trim board (right above the gutter)
• Chimneys
• Gaps around your foundation

Because there is so many places squirrels can gain entry to your Westford home or business, it’s important to let the professionals at Northeast Wildlife Management solve your animal problem. We have over a decade of trade experience. We will work with you and come up with the best system that fits your needs.